Friday, 28 March 2014

Infinite's tears of sadness and joy

Infinite—composed of Sung-kyu, Hoya, Dongwoo, L, Woohyun, Sungjong, and Sungyeol—successfully held their One Great Step world tour concert in Manila.

After their three-hour concert, Infinite went back onstage for their encore performances and to bid their farewell to their Filipino fans (Inspirits).

Sungkyu, the leader of the group, was the first one to say his thanks to their Filipino fans.
The 24-year-old singer said, "Your support keep us going all the time. Thank you for making this world tour possible.
"I can't believe we're going to meet Inspirits all over the world, especially, here with Philippines' Inspirit. I'm really glad to be here to hold the concert for you. I really want to come back here.
"Philippines, and Philippine Inspirits, I will never forget you. I love you, Kamsahamnida."

Sungyeol was also glad to see their Filipino fans again and said, "I will never forget this moment. I can see and feel your love. We promise to show you more the next time we visit in Manila."
Hoya added, "Thank you for making good memories. Even though, we may be apart for a while but my heart will be with you all the time."
Woohyun promised that he will give his best to perform for their fans, "I will do my best as usual, and I hope you would support and love us always, as usual."
Dongwoo told the audience that he brought his parents to the Philippines to watch their concert.
The fans, then, started to sing a birthday song because he will be celebrating his 23rd birthday on November 22.
Overwhelmed with emotions because of what the fans did, Dongwoo burst into tears. His teammates were quick to comfort him.

The Inspirits started to chant the Korean word "uljima," which means "don't cry" in English.
Sungjeong, also thanked their fans for making his dream come true. He said, "I can achieve my dreams because of your support. Please remember that I will always be with you."
Towards the end of their encore, Woohyun promised that they will be back again to perform for their Filipino fans.
He said, "We will come back. Philippines I promise. Mahal ko kayo!"

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